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Electronic Modules

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PIC microcontroller applications Digital clock with PCF8563 and a backup cell
Capacitance meter 0..6553uF with microchip PIC16F630 using charge - discharge method
Very accurate capacitance meter from 1pF up to 65uF with microchip PIC12F629 and serial communication on RS232
DS1820 based digital thermometer with GA628 lcd and 1-Wire communication
DS1820 dual thermometer with PIC16F627 / PIC16F628 and Ericsson A2628 lcd
DS18B20 dual thermometer with Nokia 3310 lcd
Frequency meter with PIC 16F84 in a old fashion technology
I2c tool helps you to search i2c address for i2c or SMBus serial devices
Ir remote controlled lamp with PWM dimmer,from a Sony tv remote control
Knight rider light using internal eeprom memory of Pic16F84A
Stepper motor smart interface upgrade for CNC 2 to CNC 2.5
RC servo tester - a digital one with a RS232 output for a fin tuning

Microcontroller codes PIC math code
Subroutines for RS232,8 bit crc and binary to bcd conversions
Lm75 c library for Atmel Atmega 128 microcontroller
PCF8563 library for Atmel Atmega 128 microcontroller
How to interface a Nokia 7110 lcd with PIC16F84
How to drive a Nokia LCD, type LPH7779, LPH7677 or LPH7366 with PIC16F84A
Pwm LED fade out with Pic16f628

Lcd pinouts for cell and wired phones Nokia lcd pinouts
Ericsson lcd driver pinout and test codes for PIC microcontrollers
Pinouts from Sony Ericsson color displays
Pinouts from Motorola mobil phones lcd
About Alcatel lcd connectors
Diverse phone lcd pinouts
Lcd test code for wired phone - pstn

Power management circuits 9V battery replacement for multimeter
5V DC/DC step up converter from 2.5V .. 3.6V
Max761 boost converter module from 5V to 13.5V or 12V, ideal for Flash Memory Programming
Simple and compact laptop charger from 12V auto battery to 18V .. 21V / 4A

LED Lighting circuits High power LED driver with a wide input voltage range from 7V to 48V


Core Chart Library for Pic Microcontroller it is a graphical icon assembler that simplify the programming of microchips.
HuiYuan Opto-Electronic promote the LED products which can save 85% power comparing with the traditional incandescent lamp.
Ledman Optoelectronic the only LED supplier for the super large display on the Tiananmen Square for the 60th anniversary of People’s Republic of China. So you can trust in Ledman quality.
Guangzhou Hongli Opto-electronic “Quality First, Customer Orient, Endless Improvement, Angel Service!” is Hongli’s mission.
Contrast dinamic ce este si cum functioneaza
Adaptor RS232 - TTL

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