5V to 13.5V dc dc boost converter

    The Max761 is a 300kHz fixed frequency boost regulator that integrates a N-channel power MOSFET which allows peak currents up to 1A. In the standard application circuit the IC is powered from the output voltage ( bootstrapped mode ) and provide a fixed output of 12V (FB pin is connected to ground). For a 13.5V output voltage, the IC is powered from the supply voltage ( non- bootstrapped mode ), external resistor divider must be used as you can see in the follow circuit diagram:

boost converter from 5V to 13.5V voltage
DC-DC boost converter circuit with max761

     With an input voltage of 4.5V to 5V, this circuit it produces  a 13.5V output voltage at a load current of  150mA. The proprietary current-limited PFM control scheme provide a high efficiency, typically over 80%. The output voltage can be calculated using this formula:


BOM list:


 dc dc boost converter printed circuit board
Printed circuit board for the max761 boost converter

    The C2 capacitor must be rated at least 16V, my last 33uF/16V capacitor it burnt with a nice yellow-red flame accidentaly. I must to use a 47uF/16V capacitor instead.

Download schematic in pdf format from here.

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