Ir Lamp Remote

This is a simple schematic which can be assembled to control a lamp with a Sony TV remote control. Circuit uses a PWM signal connected to photocoupler which isolate the power part from microcontroller. Power part has very interesting solution on how halogen lamp is driven because works in DC and a Zero-crossing detection of the AC mains is not required. This solution it is not very efficient but it is less noisy as a triac one.

ir remote circuit schematic for light switch with dimmer

Infrared remote control lamp circuit

Ir PCB & power supply module and case of remote control lamp

For power supply I have used a Sony Ericsson mobile phone charger with 10 turns additionally coil in secundary winding. The teletext buttons are used for control: red for reduce light, green for turn on, yellow for increase light and blue for turn off the light.

Sony TV remote control

Source code for PIC16F628 is available for download.

The receiver module used for this circuit works on a center frequency of 40kHz and it is produced by Rohm.
This RPM7140 ir sensor can be replaced with TSOP4840 from Vishay or with TFMS5400 from Temic. Max. range it is about 6..7m with a new set of batterys.

About PWM:
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