Motorola LCD pinouts


Motorola V2282/V2288 LCD Lph 9007

Motorola V2282/V2288 LCD Lph 9007

Lcd driver: s1d15605 from Seiko - Epson
      pin1     _Cs1
      pin2     _Res
      pin3     Data/_Command
      pin4     R/_W
      pin5     D0
      pin12    D7
      pin13    Vlogic (2.7V)
      pin14    Gnd
      pin15    Vlcd (-6V)
      pin16    Nc (Gnd)

C115, C116

Motorola C115 LCD

C115 LCD module it's connected by a flexible printed circuit to the user interface PCB

    Pin1 Vdd +2.8V 
    Pin2 Res
    Pin3 Sclk 
    Pin4 Sda 
    Pin5 A0
    Pin6 Gnd
    Pin7 Vlcd +12V
    Pin8 Reset 

M3188, M3288, M3588

Motorola M3588 LCD

Motorola M3588 lcd

Lcd driver: s1d15300 from Seiko - Epson


Motorola M3188 LCD

Motorola M3188 lcd

Lcd driver: S6A0071 (with only write data) from Samsung
 Pin1: Vdd +5V
 Pin2: RS
 Pin3: Gnd
 Pin4: E enable data write
 Pin5: Vneg. cca. -5V (from a TC682 or TCM828 voltage inverter)
 Pin6..11 Nc
 Pin12 d0
 Pin13 d1
 Pin14 d2
 Pin15 d3

Download Motorola M3188 lcd source code for PIC16f628

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