RC servo tester

Digital RC servo tester

schematic circuit diagram of digital rc servo tester with pic12f683
circuit diagram of digital rc servo tester with pic12f683


When it's powered on, this servo tester circuit will drive the output with a pulse width of 1.504 ms and a frequency of 50Hz. By pressing of both switches simultaneously, your servo it will turn fast clockwise and anti-clockwise between coresponding servo position for a pulse width of 0.992 ms or 2.016 ms. When the switches are released, the servo it will go to the center position.

I have used a pic12f683 microcontroller specially for the hardware pwm feature. For a fin tuning I have added a RS232 tx interface made with R2,R3, a PC357 optocoupler and an simple diode voltage inverter - C1,C2,D1,D2. Communication is made by a standard RS232 protocol at a baud rate of 9600 bps. It's no problem if you don't use this feature, your servo can work without it. In this case you need just the follow electronic components:

Download source code , schematic and printed circuit board file for Orcad.

About PWM:

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