Diverse phone lcd pinouts

Siemens M55

Siemens M55 lcd pinouts

Siemens M55 LCD Module

    Pin1 Cs	 
    Pin2 Reset 
    Pin3 Rs
    Pin4 Sclk 
    Pin5 Sdta
    Pin6 +2.9V
    Pin7 Gnd
    Pin8 Led1 A
    Pin9 Led1+Led2 K
    Pin10 Led2 A	

Sagem RC712

Sagem RC712 lcd pinouts

Sagem RC712 lcd module with Samsung S6A0073 chip driver (top) and HD66712 (bottom), chips from PCB was removed

        pin1 Vlogic
        pin2 Rs
        pin3 Db4
        pin4 Db5
        pin5 Db6 
        pin6 Db7
        pin7 Rw
        pin8 E 
        pin9 Nc

        pin10 Vci +1.5V (3x boosting)
        pin11 K1,K2 Led 
        pin12 A1,A2 Led
        pin13 Gnd
        pin14 Icol1 keyboard - current generator 
        pin15 Icol2 keyboard
        pin16 Icol3 keyboard
        pin17 Icol4 keyboard 
        pin18 Icol5 keyboard

Philips Fizz

Philips Fizz lcd pinouts

Lph 7319 LCD with PCF2116 chip

 	I2c device address: 0x74h, 0x75h
        pin1 Vlcd
        pin2 K1 Led  
        pin3 K2 Led 
        pin4 Sclk
        pin5 Vcontrast 
        pin6 Vlogic
        pin7 Sdata
        pin8 Gnd
        pin9 A1+A2 Leds
        pin10 Vlcd_in  

Philips Diga

Philips Diga lcd pinouts

Lph 7455 LCD with PCF2113 driver

 	I2c device address: 0x74h, 0x75h
        pin1 Vcc (+Buzzer,A1+A2 Leds)
        pin2 Sdata
        pin3 Vlogic
        pin4 Sclk
        pin5 Gnd
        pin6 -Buzzer
        pin7 K2 Led
        pin8 K1 Led
        pin9  Earp
        pin10 Earn  

Application: Digital capacitance meter with Pic16F630 microcontroller

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